Get Active, Have Fun, Live Better

For smartphone users who have varied interests and wish to explore sports and activity venues across Singapore. ActiveSG gives realtime access to all facilities and programmes managed by Sport Singapore. Search by proximity and availability. Bookings, purchases and payments. All one feature-rich app.

Platform: Android, IOS, Web



A Walk in the Parks

For park enthusiasts and nature lovers. If you appreciate enclaves of green within a city, sParks will help maximise your exploration of Singapore’s world-class gardens, trails, park connectors and lifestyle options. sParks was designed in collaboration with the National Parks Board (NParks).

Platform: IOS, Android, Web, Facebook



Water for All: Conserve, Value, Enjoy

The mobile app that connects people to the waters of the country, Mywaters offers useful and informative features such as updates of flash floods from CCTV images, weather forecast, quick map, information and events about the country’s waterscapes right at consumer’s fingertips. Mywaters is developed under the request of PUB, the national water agency of Singapore.

Platform: IOS, Android



For alert consumers who know a good deal when they see one. Stay one step ahead with iHype. Be among those who find the latest promotions online. Redeem special offers and share them on social media to enjoy extra savings. iHype is supported by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).

Platform: IOS, Web, Facebook



I Sell, therefore iMerchant

For businesses that want control over their own digital A&P campaigns and e-coupon redemption or tracking. iMerchant is a B2C suite and CRM system that provides consumer analytics and performance reports via a one-stop admin panel. iMerchant is supported by Singapore’s IDA.

Platform: IOS, Web


i-Deal (Agent)

Get me an i-Deal:Agent

A concierge app for property agents who need to check important information while on the move. i-Deal gives dealers an edge over their competitors by providing timely and relevant updates on unique and genuine listings in the ever-buoyant property market.

Platform: IOS, Android (coming), Web ,Facebook


i-Deal (Client)

Get me an i-Deal:Client

For clients of property negotiators. i-Deal gives owners and buyers peace of mind by providing timely updates on the property market. Launching soon, just sold, or newly available units. Buildup, price range, location, and suitability for investment. i-Deal reports to you 24/7 so you’re always on the ball.

Platform: IOS, Android (coming), Web, Facebook



We value your feelings!

SGrating is a mobile app that revolutionises consumer feedback and lets business owners maintain a coefficient relationship with customers through its win-win model of continuous on-location responsiveness and improvement. With SGrating, customers gain rewards and businesses gain valuable insights.

Platform: IOS, Android, Web, Facebook


iTime Genie

The Magic of iTimeGenie

For a sale force that relies on intelligent lead monitoring. Manage a busy schedule effectively with iAppointment. Have a 24/7 personal assistant with iSecretary. Gain mentoring insights with iCoaching. These features remove time-lag uncertainty, by synchronising calendars and auto-tracking your sales database.

Platform: IOS, Android, Web, Facebook



Singapore’s First Concierge App

iCON can open doors to investment and business expansion opportunities for those who wish to pursue specific interests via exclusive lifestyle clubs that serve as highly effective networking platforms. Clubs where members are pampered with concierge services that cater to their individual needs.

Platform: IOS, Web, Facebook


Resident Concierge Service

Virtual Housekeeper in Your Phone

Resident Concierge provides concierge service for private residence owners to remotely manage their social lives and lifestyle options around their estates. With one master platform to take care of private residence tasks like enjoying quick access to booking facilities and surrounding amenities.

Platform: IOS, Android (coming), Web, Facebook