Creating Convenience For Residents

Condo facilities booking services at your fingertips for residents.

Platform: IOS, Web

The Goal

The RConcierge mobile application was a joint venture between iAPPS and Eleappz. The goal was to design an app that would benefit condominium residents and the management staff.

The Idea

Creating Convenience

We wanted to make life more convenient for condo residents, and so we made sure that RConcierge encompassed a facility booking system that allowed residents to make bookings for condo facilities anytime and anywhere. At the same time, we also enabled the condo management staff to notify residents of any important issues and to receive enquiry calls from residents through the RConcierge app.

The Outcome

In 2013, we created the RConcierge app for residents in Horizon Gardens. Subsequently, Chesterville, Pandan Valley, and The Paradise joined the platform and RConcierge now has more than 2000 users.